Ambler - Catwalk (1000 stukjes)

Ambler - Catwalk (1000 stukjes)
1000 stukjes

66 x 50 cm


We're all familiar with the catwalk at a fashion show and Adolfo's 2016 collection is bang on trend. With models of all shapes and sizes on display, the assembled press and public definitely seem to be enthralled. But this is an Ambler drawing so everything's not as it seems - a dog on the catwalk is the first sign that all is not right. Is that supermodel really wearing a vulture as an accessory?

This will make a fun jigsaw to complete as you search for Amblerís trademarks such the journalist mole and the Grim Reaper. Itís a great addition to the collection of Ambler puzzles.

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