Ambler - Rock Reunion (1000 stukjes)

Ambler - Rock Reunion (1000 stukjes)
1000 stukjes

66 x 50 cm


Arther Ritic and the Bed Wetters are on their 35th anniversary reunion tour  and all of their old fans are keen to see them again. How many pop stars can you spot in the audience? Prince and ZZ Top, yes - but what's the Grim Reaper  doing here? On stage, the drummer is asleep and the backing singers don't seem to have patched up whatever differences caused the split in the first place. Arther's strutting his stuff and the happiest person in the house is his manager.

As usual with Ambler's drawings, there's so much to take in. With his trademark characters such as the dog (whos crooning along with Arther) and the mole, its a great addition to the collection of Ambler puzzles.

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